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How is porn damaging my brain






at only 16 years old, with a brain not fully developed until you’re around 22….

it’s giving you unrealistic representations of what sex is or is supposed to be, it’s giving you false information about the dangers of unprotected sex, it’s giving you violent representation of how men should treat women during sex, it’s sexualizing violence, it’s sexualizing degradation, it’s not an accurate depiction of sex between consenting adults, it’s not an accurate representation of how sex works between adults, it’s creating a false expectation of what women want or like or need during sex, it prioritizes men’s pleasure and gratification only, it doesn’t give any weight to the kind of sexual attention women typically need to achieve orgasm and have a fulfilling experience. the porn you’re watching could be a rape. you could be witnessing a woman being raped. that’s pretty damaging.

How, precisely, is any of that damage to the brain?

That is, it is possibly damaging to one’s psyche, but that, in and of itself, is not concomitant with damage to the brain. None of what you describe is damage to the brain.

So how is it damage to the brain, the organ that houses the electrochemical reactions that are the methodology of storing all of what you describe?

I mean with all the evidence about porn and how it impacts people you’re going to only pick at semantics about the use of the word “brain” by the 16 year old OP who probably was limited in his understanding of psyche vs literal brain matter and so chose the word “brain”? THAT is your issue here? You know perfectly well what OP was asking and what I was replying.

Porn consumption LITERALLY affects and ALTERS the brain physically.  In males it’s been found to affect their gray matter, as well as the parts of the brain that influence motivation and empathy, especially empathy for women.  Studies have shown repeatedly that young males who regularly consume porn grow up to be more aggressive, more hostile, more violent, they become more impulsive, more reckless, take more sexual risks AND are more likely to rape.  Porn literally re-writes the wiring in the brain, and since the brains of young males are still developing, porn changes their brain development. 

in case that wasnt enough, read this whole thing about how shitty porn really is